Artwork by Lisa Curry Mair


From fox hunting scenes to coastal villages to historic farm countrysides, Lisa Curry Mair’s warm color palette and thoughtful compositions lead the eye into another place and time. Meticulously painted on canvas, in a style reminiscent of 19th century imagery.


Custom murals, hand painted on canvas, showcase beautiful historic country scenes and transport you back in time, to a more peaceful era. Wrapping around the viewer, these paintings are suitable for a front entry, dining room or anywhere in your home where you want to bring a special landscape indoors.


Custom murals, hand painted on canvas, showcase beautiful historic New England scenes, or fox hunting scenes or rural scenes in your front hallway, dining room or anywhere in your home. These paintings wrap around the room and transport you back in time, to a more peaceful era.


With over 20 years of experience creating floorcloths for homes all around the world, Lisa Curry Mair now focuses her floorcloth work on “Paintings for the floor.” Exquisite works of art which you can walk on! These floorcloths are durable, practical and beautiful!

From a studio on the 18th century Henry Gould Farm in Perkinsville, Vermont, artist Lisa Curry Mair creates custom murals, paintings and floorcloths, meticulously painted on canvas. Painting in a folk-art style reminiscent of 19th century mural painter Rufus Porter, her murals and paintings are designed in consultation with the home owner and embellished with personal touches – houses, local landmarks, as well as people and animals special to the client.

Paintings come from walks with my pups in the snow!

As I write this, the snow is coming down pretty hard, and has been since I got up this morning. It's finally looking like December! On Saturday, we got our first taste of snow. Overnight 4 or 5 inches fell and the sun came out on Sunday morning, exposing a winter...

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“Winter Village” is this week’s painting

Holy Cow! It's December already! The weather has been so mild. Our grass is still green and we're still finding ticks on the dogs! How can the holidays already be upon us? My weekly painting this week was my attempt to imagine a wintery scene. I had a blast doodling...

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“To the Inn” a Thanksgiving painting

If you clicked on the photo in the email I sent Nov. 28, it mistakenly brought you here. Sorry! The Weekly Painting this week is " Postal Delivery"             In celebration of Thanksgiving (my absolute favorite holiday), I have painted a scene of a family coming to...

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