Artwork by Lisa Curry Mair

One of my advisors suggested a few months ago that I should “draw every day”. At the time I thought that was a little silly. I always draw. A design for a mural. A layout for a floorcloth. A Christmas card. You know. All kinds of things. Well, he gave me a little (like 2″x4″) sketchbook and said, “Just draw what’s in your head…” So I did. I started on September 29th. I sipped my coffee after breakfast and doodled a little picture of what used to be the milk house of our barn’s dairy operation, long before we moved here.


After that, I continued to draw these little pen and ink sketches as many mornings as possible. And what I soon realized is that my drawing was freeing up! I don’t worry so much about how it’s going to “come out”, but enjoy the process instead. I’ll start with an idea and build on it. Sometimes it ends up not at all as planned, but that’s half the fun.

If I like the sketch enough I might consider turning it into a full painting. It stays there in my little sketch book. I post it on Facebook and Instagram to let others see what I’m doing. Now I’ve created this blog to show visitors to my website what I’m doing. Some of the drawings aren’t very exciting or I hadn’t had enough coffee, or I was just preoccupied with some other “must do” for the day. I am finding, however, that like so many good habits, I feel a bit slighted if I don’t have a chance to do it.

Each one only takes 15 minutes to half an hour. I try not to worry about the time. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy creating them! I may make some of my favorites into cards which I will offer for sale. I’ll keep you posted here.  Please feel free to share the link to this page with anyone you think might be interested. Please note that all images are copyright protected. Matted prints of each Daily Doodle are available. Mat size is 8″ x 10″ and drawing size is 4.5″ x 6.5″. Prints are $75 plus $10 s&h. Contact the studio with the desired print name and an invoice will be sent to you.




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