Artwork by Lisa Curry Mair

Mural Design Process

Getting started on a commissioned mural starts with a consultation to discuss size, shape and content. Your conversation with Lisa can take place in person (if you are in New England) or over the phone or via Skype.

In advance of your consultation, you should think about:

  • The room where the mural will go – size and number of walls
  • The theme of the mural – village, harbor, fox hunt, countryside
  • The reference images you have of the people, places and animals you want to include in the mural

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Once you’ve decided on the particulars of the mural, reference photos and measurements are taken of the room. Then, Lisa creates an initial pen and ink or pencil drawing which details content, composition and layout. With this sketch, you start to see what your mural will look like.

When you’ve reviewed the details and the measurements have been double checked, a full-color to-scale sketch of the work is created on canvas, for your approval. Lisa uses various visualization methods, including 3D interpretations of the space, to ensure your confidence in the final product.

Over the next several months, Lisa will paint the mural in her studio using a wet on wet technique (similar to watercolors) to create very soft skies and backgrounds. Images of the actual people, animals and places to be included are used as reference for a completely personalized piece of art.

When the mural is complete, it is rolled and shipped to your home to be installed by a professional wallpaper hanger. Once installed, the mural looks like it has been painted directly on the wall.

To get started on a mural commission, click on “Project Inquiry” and submit the form with your project details. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the Mural Gallery.


*If you live outside of the New England area, site visits may be done via Skype.

“We absolutely love our mural – it is spectacular! We still drop our jaws in awe everytime we go to the ranch and see it.  You did an amazing job… Thanks again for the magnificent piece of art –we couldn’t be any happier.”

— Katie, Santa Ynez, CA

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