Artwork by Lisa Curry Mair

I just finished the fourth fox-hunt-themed wall hanging this week. My goal in January was to have 6 of these done by the end of July, so I’m right on track! It’s been quite a learning curve, creating 6 related pieces. I do feel that each one has taught me so much! This one was tricky because all of the horses are coming at you. That makes the perspective awkward, and drawing legs straight on is a puzzle for me! But I’m very happy with this piece. There’s a lot going on here. A story to be told…

As usual, Kate makes her appearance, being ridden by the side saddle lady, who this time seems to be being courted(?) or something by the fellow on the black horse!

Detail from “‘Round the Bend” 36″ X 72″ wall hanging.


The title for this piece was chosen from over 130 suggestions from my friends on the Foxhunters on Facebook page. Ashley Cross will be receiving a print of this image for coming up with it! I had a lot of fun reading through all of the comments and even learned a bunch of hunting etiquette I wasn’t aware of!

This piece will be available as soon as I can get a professional scan of it done so that I can offer prints of it to you as well. The price for the original is $2800. You can view a larger image of it by going to this link. Please drop me an email (through the contact button above) if you would like to have me hold it for you to purchase. It will be ready to ship in a two weeks. First come first served on this one!

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