Artwork by Lisa Curry Mair

I would love it if the readers of my blog would help me in choosing subjects for upcoming paintings. I feel that I am finding my groove and I’m really happy painting these historic-feeling scenes with lots of stuff going on. The interaction between horses, hounds and humans is very appealing to me and now I’d like to think about venturing off into horses in old farm scenes- driving, out in pasture, etc. I’d also like to capture the beauty of dressage, but it’s going to be old-school. Think old Spanish Riding School or as far back as ancient Greeks. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please drop a message below.

This weekend I had lots of people expressing an interest in purchasing a print of “Navigating the Brook” (shown above), a 16″ X 24″ canvas wrapped print. Members of the Facebook Pages Foxhunters on Facebook and my own Canvasworks Designs commented on the photo to have a chance of getting their name drawn. The winner is Betty Dewar! Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm for my work!

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