Artwork by Lisa Curry Mair

Holy Cow! It’s December already! The weather has been so mild. Our grass is still green and we’re still finding ticks on the dogs! How can the holidays already be upon us? My weekly painting this week was my attempt to imagine a wintery scene. I had a blast doodling it out and then painting the actual piece, but I still wasn’t feeling the real Christmas spirit that usually wraps itself around me by this point in December.

A 2″ x 3″ sketch of “Winter Village” I did as one of my “daily doodles” which led to this week’s painting.

But today I splashed through the pouring rain on the way to the Weathersfield Inn  to pick up last week’s painting (“Postal Delivery”) and swap it for “Winter Village” and as I opened the door to the warm entry at the Inn, Christmas tunes surrounded me; a beautiful tree sparkled in front of me and Richard (one of the owners) greeted me with a great, warm smile. I felt like the Grinch. My shoes loosened up and that true spirit of the season surrounded me. Bavoo Boray! Christmas is HERE! Now I’m really glad I painted something to welcome the season! And I don’t think it was too early. In fact, I think it was just right!

This painting is of a fictitious town, in a place where winter still comes in December and at a time maybe 150 years ago or so. It’s acrylic on canvas onboard and is 11″ X 14″, unframed.

If you are interested in purchasing it, please comment below or send me an email saying, “I’d like ‘Winter Village'”. Your name will go into the paint can (which I will draw from on Dec. 12 at noon) and if your name is picked, I will be in touch with you. The price is $375 plus $15 s&h. It will be on display at the Inn at Weathersfield until next Tuesday, the 12th.

Last week’s painting of “Postal Delivery” was purchased by Barry Nadon. In his email he wrote, “My wife as a small child was brought to the store to get her Campbells vegetable soup every day she was with her aunt.”

WEEK 3: “Postal Delivery” 8″ X 10″ acrylic on canvas on board. Unframed. $275. Purchased by Barry Nadon of Perkinsville, VT.

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